• Il buon tortellino
  • Il buon tortellino
  • Il buon tortellino
Oven-baked Lasagna
Vegetable pies
Mushroom, asparagus, chicory, spinach and other types of Crespelle...
Aubergine Parmigiana
Various types of Timballo
Pasticcio with sausage and robiola cheese
Pasticcio with asparagus and speck
Stuffed, rice Arancini
Sauces: meat ragu, duck, wild boar, hare, tomato, Genovese pesto and more...
Veal, wild boar or pork stew
Rabbit, veal, pork roast
Oven-baked guinea-fowl in vegetable cream
Roast beef
Oven-baked chicken or alla cacciatora
Vitello tonnato (sliced veal in tuna and mayonnaise sauce)
Hare stew
Scaloppine with mushrooms, asparagus, herbs, chicory
Mixed boiled meat with pearà
Pike in sauce
Trout in sauce
Octopus salad
Dried, salted cod alla Vicentina
Various type of cooked or grilled seasonal vegetables
Savoury pies
Pies: sbrisolona, apple pie, mixed cheese pie, mint pie, africanella pie, chocolate trunk, tiramisù