Pasta and...fine food

The culinary history of the Pezzini family dates back to the '60s when Grandmother Giulia and Grandfather Gianni started cooking for people outside of the family, receiving positive feedback on their traditional recipes such as tortellini of Valeggio, pumpkin tortellini, delicious oven-baked lasagne and dried salted cod. They passed their recipes and passion down to their children Laura and Nicola, who had been running around the restaurant kitchen since their early childhood.

In 2012 Laura and Nicola fulfilled a life-long wish by opening the pasta and fine food shop "Il Buon Tortellino" offering their parents' recipes, as well as new ones, developed over twenty years of experience as restaurateurs. Delicacies such as mixed pickles, sweet and sour aubergines, various tortelli based on the season, sauces, second course dishes and tasty jams. All strictly home-made!